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Welcome to the Norwich Public Schools Preschool Program

The mission of the Norwich Public Schools Preschool Program is: to make each child’s school experience one that will foster positive self-esteem and a positive attitude toward learning, to provide each child with a developmentally appropriate environment that will meet the individual needs and learning styles of each child, to encourage each child to think, reason, question and experiment, to respect cultural, linguistic, and family diversity and individual differences of children and staff, and to foster communication and cooperation between parents and teachers in order to provide a meaningful environment in which children learn best.

The Norwich Public Schools Preschool Programs are held at the following schools: 
Veterans Memorial Elementary 
Tomas W. Mahan Elementary
Moriarty Magnet Elementary
Samuel Huntington Elementary 

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Pre-K Students raising their hands in class

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Latest News

November Multicultural Holidays & Observances

In November, numerous cultural festivities arrive, offering us opportunities to appreciate and pay tribute to the diverse heritage of different communities. Through our embrace of diversity and inclusiveness, we nurture an atmosphere of comprehension and regard within our school community. 

October 2023 Donations

Thank you to the community members and local organizations for their generous donations to Norwich Public Schools!

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